Park Views Apartments – Heidleberg

This Urban Living project is a six unit ultra modern project located in the hub of Heidelberg. The dwellings are designed as modern single level and dual level apartments. The apartments are accessible by an open parking area which provides ventilation to ground level, this leads to a central stairwell that acts a light court drawing light from large openings to the north and low E channel glass screen arranged in symmetrically-derived patterns to the south. Open balconies expand the living spaces and large framed windows capture the views of the park lands, golf courses and surrounding shopping centres.

The dwellings are open-plan, uncomplicated and feature energy efficient systems, enhanced day-lighting and minimalist Architectural detailing. Extensive polished surfacing, and interior finishes that complement the minimalist design and enhance the modern living experience.

A well balanced palate of forms and building materials has been employed. Concrete / masonry is exposed both at the exterior and interior of the project to contrast with the internal colours.

The contemporary formation of symmetry and order that this structure expresses instils a distinctive and memorable image. The intelligent use of glass forms a shimmering veil around the building and at night the glass is illuminated from within.